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Welcome to 3-Fitness & Wellness

Our Vision: To guide individuals to accomplish what they thought impossible, in fitness, health, and performance.

3-Fitness & Wellness provides services in the areas of triathlon training, personal training, and wellness coaching.

Our Mission:

  • We will educate, motivate, and support our clients with a positive attitude and in collaborative atmosphere
  • We will serve as guide to help clients accomplish fitness goals they, and others, never thought they'd be able to
  • We will assist clients in improving their current level of health and fitness through individualized programs; we do not believe in the cookie cutter approach
  • We will help those who consider themselves “non-athletes” to successfully compete in triathlons and other endurance races, and help triathletes improve their skills, techniques, and race performance through evidenced-based methods.

Why Guide?

guide bwConsider the Mountain Guide. Mountain Guides do not climb mounts for people. Nothing is accomplished, really, if you hire me as your mountain guide and pay me to go to the summit while you watch me with binoculars from the lodge.

As your guide, I help you plan the climb. We access your readiness for the climb and what you have and need in equipment and resources. Together we determine what route to take. We plan how long the climb will take, and how to handle elements we cannot control.

When we do summit, it is your flag that is planted, not mine, for this was your journey. It was you and the mountain. Your coach was like a good solid rope - a support.
From Michael Arloswki, Wellness Coaching for Lasting Lifestyle Change

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USAT Drafting Rules

USAT Drafting Rules

Presentation to the Chicago Tri Club

USAT Rule Book: http://triathlon.teamusa.org/content/index/1684

Don't get a time penalty or disqualified. Know the USA Triathlon Drafting, Passing, and Blocking Rules.


  • Drafting refers to positioning your bike to benefit from the reduced air resistance of another cyclist or moving vehicle.
  • The rider in front creates a low pressure behind the bike, to which the air does not immediately fill in.
  • It is easier for the following cyclist to ride in this area, since they do not have as much air to move out of their way.
  • Can save up to 40 percent in energy expenditures over a cyclist who is not drafting.
  • A.K.A. "Slipstreaming"
  • You may not allow your drafting zone to overlap or remain overlapped with another rider.
  • The Drafting Zone is a rectangular area two meters wide and seven meters long, starting at your front wheel and going backwards.
  • Easy way to remember is to think of two bike lengths behind the rider in front of you.
  • Violation gives a time penalty


  • The person passing has the responsibility to avoid drafting (a "position foul"), even if the person being passed slows down. Pass on the left unless otherwise noted.
  • A pass must be completed within 15 seconds.
  • When the person passing's front wheel moves beyond the front wheel of the person being passed, then it is the responsibility of the person being passed to avoid a position foul.
  • You must move back and out of the drafting zone of the person who passed you.
  • You must be completely out of the drafting zone before attempting to re-pass.

Exceptions to the Drafting Zone

You may enter the drafting zone of another rider without penalty under these conditions:

  • When passing, but for no longer than 15 seconds.
  • When cyclists are reducing speed for safety reasons, such as a course blockage, an aid station, or an emergency on the course.
  • When entering and exiting the transition area.
  • When making a turn of more than 90 degrees.
  • If the USAT Head Referee expressly excludes a section of the bike course from position foul rules, e.g., narrow lanes, construction, detours.


  • You may not intentionally or unintentionally block, obstruct, or interfere with the forward progress of another participant.
  • This is true for all three events, and the transition area.
  • Violation gives a time penalty

General Conduct Rules

  • Basically: "Do Unto Others"
  • It is your responsibility to know the swim, bike, and run courses.
  • Avoid unsportsmanlike conduct, including language and conduct.
  • No outside assistance during the race (food, drink, equipment)
  • Do not leave equipment on the race course (including water bottles)
  • No headsets, radios
  • No glass containers
  • No nudity in the transition area!

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