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3-Fitness & Wellness Coaching Philosophy

I am detail orientated in my life and training, and believe in bringing the same to athletes in their training. This means providing complete information about training, why we are doing what we are doing, and what exactly we are supposed to be doing.

A coach should also be organized and understand the importance of communications. Each athlete should understand what is expected of them in each workout. Communications should be both ways, not just the coach talking at the athlete. Feedback also goes both ways, to make you a better athlete and me a better coach.

Finally, it has to be fun. This isn't brain surgery. There is no reason for doing it unless you are having a good time, and that has to come through all the time. Having been involved with Masters & Clydesdales running their first marathons and first triathlons, I know the joy there is accomplishing something people never thought they'd be able to do. As a coach, I want my athletes to feel that joy.

Coach Ken

The swimming clinic on Sunday was great! I am enjoying the training and am so glad I am taking your class. It is extremely valuable! Thank you for all that you do for us beginning triathletes!