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Strength Training for Multisport Athletes

Strength training does not necessarily give performance benefit to all athletes
Generally it does not increase VO2 Max
If time is limited, weight training should be the first activity skipped - your focus should be on swimming, biking, and running
Never neglect these to do a weight workout!
Workout with heavy loads benefits swimming and biking more
Running = mostly injury prevention
Functional purpose - application of force to pedals or water
Focus on prime movers/big muscles
Bike = quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes
Swimming = latissimus dorsi (lats) and pectoralis (chest)
Use multi-joint exercises instead of single joint (squat versus bicep curl)
Mimic positions and movements of the sport -- Position hands & feet, Feet = width of pedals, Hands = in line with shoulders
Core important - abs and lower back
Focus on number of sets and not number of exercises
Build muscle in off season
Maintain muscle in racing season
First two years of training = emphasis on form rather than on high loads
W/U = 5-10 min easy aerobic activity (cycle, run, row, stairmaster)
C/D = 5-10 min EZ spin on bike, light load, cadence 90+
Do not run after weight workout - increases injury