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Are You Out of Shape for Swimming?

by Kevin Koskella, www.triswimcoach.com

Have you taken a break from swimming?

Do you feel out of shape and feel the need to get back in shape quickly?

Here are some tips to help you get back to feeling the best you can in the water:

  1. Don't try to do too much too soon. Start out with long, slow swims. If you can't do long swims, start with short, slow swims and little by little build up your endurance.
  2. Don't jump in the "fast lane". If you are doing masters, don't be tempted to "pick up where you left off." Swallow your pride and start out a lane or two slower than when you last worked out.
  3. Don't use fins for speed. Fins are great for technique work and drills, but the worst thing you can do is to throw on a pair of fins to "keep up."
  4. Swim often. Even if you only have 20-30 minutes a day, get in the water as much as possible rather than doing fewer workouts and staying in longer. In other words, it would be better to swim 4 days a week, 30 minutes each time than to swim 2 days at 1 hour per session.
  5. Count strokes. This will keep you focused on extension and ultimately technique. See if you can lower your average stroke count.
  6. Set goals. If you are only capable of finishing 200 meters without stopping, don't try to jump to 1000 meters. Try a new, smaller goal each week. 300 meters would be reasonable, then 400, then 600, etc.

Keep these tips in mind and never forget that in swimming, patience + practice = performing at your best!

About the Author

Kevin coaches masters and triathlete swimmers in San Diego, CA. He operates the website www.TriSwimCoach.com, a resource for beginning through intermediate level triathletes looking for help with swimming. The site features a free email newsletter offering tips and articles on triathlon swimming. Kevin has also written an electronic book titled "The Complete Guide to Triathlon Swimming" which is sold on his website in downloadable form.